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23 Jun

Hey guys,
Trying to update as regularly as I can….the work is still keeping me busy…..
But should blog by tonight….I have to run now as I have a photoshoot in exactly 42 minutes but till then here’s a teaser of what’s coming….

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As promised update.

I also wanna say thank you to Look 10 for the style nomination……and you can find more on that here…
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Meet The Tonets…….The hottest new girlband on the block…the block in my head that is 🙂
But seriously, If I ever created, was put in or got involved with a girlband of any kind, their swagger would have 2 be something like this…..;) I’d say they have a crazy, sexy, cool persona….(left – crazy, middle – cool, right – sexy) 🙂
A week more till the big move. I’m pretty excited
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So I tweaked the colour of the dress a bit in some of the pictures…who can guess it’s real colour (hint: blog title)

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So I do this a lot, I buy stuff and wonder what they’d looked like if they’d come or been made in a different colour…so I go in 2 photoshop and voila!!!….I see what I’m missing…or in this case…not missing…the silver’s still my fav….what colour’s everyone’s else’s fav???

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Wearing dress by : f21
Shoes : Aldo
Gloves : Aldo
earring : vintage
Aviators : ray-ban

Deuces, Toni x

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19 Jun

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How goes it? I’ve been keeping busy, and I’ve got some good news actually,

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But before I go to my exciting news, I got this dress as a present from one of my best friends and I think it’s simply divine
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So for fun, I thought I’d showcase it in different parts worn in slightly diffferent ways to
show its (believe it or not) versatility. so here’s part 1
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So anyhoo, back to my big news, I just finalised negotiations with one of the biggest magazines in Nigeria, and I’m coming on board as their photographer…..I start in July and some of my first photoshoots will include (for those who are familiar with Nigerian celebrities) rapper, M.I, Banky .W, and…..wait for it……………………….The Governor of Lagos state, Gov.Fashola
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It’s a great opportunity and a big big step for my me in my career in photography, so I’m super excited. Wish me luck guys.
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Dress: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Headband : Vintage
Brooch: Vintage

Deuces, Toni x

THE ROCKER….(frozen in time)

18 Jun

Hey everyone, I promise I will be blogging more personal style soon, took some pictures of me today :), but still really busy editing pictures from a shoot I just did as I have a deadline, but the moment I get a minute…….can u say…UPDATE???….till then I thought I’d share one of the pictures from a shoot i did yesterday….just finished editing it and I really like the way it’s turned out 🙂
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I style and direct my shoots, (being a fashion obssessed and no stranger to the camera myself, helps my photography a whole lot) What I was going for here, was a punk rocker from the past, (That’s why I pickeed that outfit and placed her with the vintage car)(u pick an era…60’s…. 70’s) in her time as a bit of the future zooms past (the red London cab) for those that aren’t from or familiar with London, that’s a standard London cab/taxi…I wanted pleasantville-esque (for those whose seen the movie) that’s why the ‘taxi form the future’ is in colour and the rest of the pic is filtered black and white. I hope you all love this pic as much as I do…and I promise update coming soon…latest tomorrow night…..there’ll be a bright shiny update…Have a wonderful day everyone

Deuces, Toni x


14 Jun

Hey everybody,
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So you would think that now that I’m done with school, I’d be free as a bird and have nothing but time on my hands, free to blog and all what not, right???……..WRONG!!!
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My photography takes up all my time. I’ve been doing photoshoot after photoshoot, and it takes even longer to post process (edit) these pictures. Now that I am (and I use this word very loosely) “free”, I’m dedicating all my time to building my portfolio. Between my paid shoots and building my portfolio (thanks to the wonder that is model mayhem, which I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get banned from soon for over usage) I literally have time for little else.

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Not even sleep, no kidding, my sister literally tried to confisticate my laptop today trying to force me to sleep….well that sure as hell didn’t turn out to well, after like 5 minutes of trying to get my laptop back, I almost bit her head off…she compared me to a junkie that needed her next fix…..I found that quite funny 🙂

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So you’ll really have to forgive me if my blogging is irregular, all you bloggers know how time consuming it can be, So when I do get around to blogging, hell, I’ll make it as long and full as I possibly can……enough to tide whoever is interested over till the next time I’m able to sneak away from my master…(photography ofcourse 🙂

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When I was shooting this… heels kept digging into the ground, if you look closely at pictures where I’m standing on soil, you’ll notice the shoe on the ground always look kinda flat compared to the raised one that could double as a weapon…..

Blazer – Vintage
Hoodie – f21
Shoes – Bebe
Ski Pants (yup, they’re not legging they’re ski pants, they have the hook at the bottom that go under your feet) – American Apparel
Gloves – Aldo
Bag – Prada

Toni x

Bunny, Evil Bunny

10 Jun

So, I’ve been putting off blogging like I’d put off a……..oh! say a………….. beheading :). I’m totally new to this blogging world and it’s such a huge step for me because I’ve never really been one to put myself out there, and some people that know me might gasp from shock but uploading albums on facebook is not the same as blogging. when its a personal blog anyway, from what I’ve seen of blogging, u let people in, u let them know what u’r thinking, how you think, how you see the world…..You put it all out there and it possibly takes away from any mystery there might be to you, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Ok, enough of the deep stuff. How about I just tell you a little something about me. My name is Toni, aka Toni ‘Evilbunny’ Tones, most call me Toni Tones, some call me ‘Evilbunny’, I think mostly because they think there’s some deep dark sexy secret to the name…….but the origin of that name is quite simple really………And maybe i’ll tell you 🙂 soon…..maybe! I’m a Nigerian girl currently living in the UK, I’m a Lancaster university graduate, I love fashion, books, music, u know the usual crap, I’m obsesessed with photography…….so now you understand where the photo-fashion enthusiast comes in…… I will be blogging anything and everything, from my fashion, the world’s fashion…(.because those are possibly two totally different things)….my photography to ……oh I don’t know……relationship troubles???…….although I doubt i’ll be blogging about that much, not cause I’m better than anyone else, just cause…… know….I don’t really have a lot of relationships…. Alright….that’s me done….1st official bloggin out of the way……here’s hoping it gets easier *sips champagne*……

deuces, Toni x


Tank Top – Topshop

grey shrug sweater – f21
Belt- Marc Jacobs
Shorts – Ralp Lauren blue label
bag – Chanel
Sandals – Steve Madden