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Michael Jackson (THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL) tribute, featuring M.I (Mister Incredible…..Nigeria’s most talented rapper)

27 Jul

Hey everyone,
Image Hosting sorry it’s taken so long to blog, But I have been hella busy,Work started almost the moment I got out the airport. But before I get to that, this post is my Michael Jackson tribute, I’ve been wanting to do one but I wanted it to be good, one I felt was worthy of the ‘King’. His death hit me really hard, harder than I every imagined it would, I found myself randomly bursting into tears for atleast 3 days after he died, even now I can barely see him on TV without having to supress my emotions. I don’t think I was ready, I don’t think the world was ready to lose him, and I feel like I should have done more to support him when he was alive, not sure how but I just wish I had done more to actively support him and show how much we appreciated him……He was just such an embedded part of our world and our lives, don’t wanna go on about this too much, cause trust me I could……..but I will say this….. There truly will be no other like him……R.I.P MICHAEL, WE LOVE YOU, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT….. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU xxx

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So I had a photoshoot with “the Kanye west of the West” The very talented ‘Mister Incredible’. For non-Nigerians who might not know who he is, he is the latest rapper to take Nigeria and Africa by storm, his music is absolutely phenomenal and I must say he’s a pretty great guy, very big personality but also very humble, and he kept me laughing all through the shoot, I had a really great time working with him, and we got along so well he wants us to work together again, so will keep you guys posted on future M.I shoots. Here’s a link to his music video ‘safe’, absolutely love this song, EVERYONE SHOULD REALLY CHECK IT OUT… This shoot was for a magazine cover, i can’t say which yet, but I’ll let everyone know when it comes out, It was a Michael jackson tribute shoot 🙂
I can’t show the pictures yet, obviously, till the magazine comes out, but I did take and edit one to share with you guys, here it is … Hope everyone likes it 🙂

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So after M’I’s shoot, I threw on my M.J salute ‘get up’ and had a minishoot of my own with him for my ‘King of Pop’ Tribute 🙂 But back to other things, a lot has passed since I’ve been back,

Image Hosting my birthday has come and gone, it was on the 20th of July, and I had a fabulous time, I had a little get together at this bar called ‘churasco’ and they make the biggest meanest cocktails you ever saw, All my favourite people showed up and I had a very memorable night, A big thank you to everyone who came to spend my birthday with me, I had a really fabulous time….took loads of pics, but I literally have not had time to upload them unto my computer yet, when i do, il try to put a few up here …….Thank you also to everyone who called, messaged or reached out to me in any form on my birthday, I really appreciate it and I felt very loved on my birthday :). A huge bearhug to my sister Abi, who gave me my present long before my actually bday and who has just been my support system in all things, thank you so much sis, I love you more than anything 🙂 xxx

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Work has also been keeping me really busy, thus the long break between blogs 😦
I did the Koko mansion shoot and that was loads of fun, the pictures are all done now and they came out really beautiful, The girls look so beautiful you might barely recognise them when the pictures come out, the pictures will be in next month’s ‘HI MAGAZINE’ So everyone don’t forget to grab a copy. I’ve also done some other shoots and have some coming up that I’m not at liberty to disclose at the moment but you can trust I’ll keep you guys posted a soon as I can 🙂

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The work is really crazy tho, I barely have time to sleep….but it’s all good……I’m really just glad to be doing what I love and I wish that for absolutely everyone………

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I’ll try my possible best to upload more frequently guys and hopefully this post was long enough to make up for it :)Thanks for stopping by.
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Belt: Miss selfridge (bought ages ago though)
Dress : Vintage skirt worn pulled up
Blazer: Vintage
Red M.J tribute jacket: Custom made
Sequined Glove: Custom made

Has everyone seen this trailer??? I absolutely love it, coming out in 2010 and I can barely wait:) This is creativity at its best, so proud of my Nigerians, we’re not even playing anymore, stepping it up on a major scale, Im so impressed with the quality and the originality of this. GO FUSION MEDIA!!! If anyone wants to know more, here’s their website

ToniTones x



7 Jul

Hey guys,

I know it’s been way too long, but you all already know how it is with work and all….
Image and video hosting by TinyPicBut as usual…UPDATE!!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So I finally made the big move, I’m now in Lagos and work started straight away!!! but before I get to that….My Fav Handbag!!! 🙂 Image and video hosting by TinyPic My cameras are my fav fashion accessory…..I carry one everywhere….well almost everywhere….and being a lazy one…I’ll hardly ever carry one of my big ass cameras and a handbag…. so I usually just make someone else my handbag….lipgloss, keys…blackberry…that’s usually bout’ it…so if I can’t slip em’ into my pocket, I slip em’ into someone else’s and make sure they stay close by…..OR ELSE!!!…lol….or else nothiing really :)….or else I’ll have a nervous breakdown form being 2 far away form my black/crackberry 🙂
Image and video hosting by TinyPic So work has started and I got approached by another magazine to work with them……well tv station really………And my first shoot for them will be on saturday…. I’ll be on the reality show ‘KOKO mansion’ having a photoshoot with the girls…I think it’s starts at 12 so everyone tune in if u wanna see me in action 🙂 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’ve already been in the house, off camera ofcourse to scout what parts of the house I’d like to use for the show…and I must honestly say, that the mansion is quite fab ….It’s even hotter than it looks on TV……
Here’s the website for the show and for those in London: sky channel 204….it’s on from 10am to 10pm…but i’ll be on from 12……people everywhere else….You can watcthe show live on line, just follow the instruction on the site here it says ‘watch live’….You do have to register though…I know it can be a pain but it only takes bout 30 secs and u only have to do it once, so i’s actually no that bad 🙂 plus it’s TOTALLY FREE!!!

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So everyone don’t forget to tune in on saturday

Crop tie top ( yup it ties at the back…..when last did u see one of those :)- Vintage
Shorts – f21
Blazer – Vintage
Handbag – Nikon d40x
Shades – Rayban

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