Support Nigerian Fashion. The Toju Foyeh Edition

20 Jan
Hey guys,
This is my first official BuyNigerian post and the 1st image is the official image for it. Check out my BuyNigerian logo at the bottom left, whatchu think? 🙂 The rest of the photos are as usual, for your viewing pleasure 😉
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This piece is by upcoming designer Toju Foyeh and its fabulous. I absolutely adore the flirty flounce detail flaring out at the top. Yes! Ah loves me some drama in my cocktail dresses and this one’ll definitely turn some heads huh! It’s sooo very ‘Dynasty’! (What’s Dynasty you say? only the most awesome, epic, ridiculously fabulous and fashion forward soap opera ever!!! … look it up)
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So I’m gonna go ahead and say that this dress is definitely not for the faint hearted, you’ve gotta have some cahunas *said in italian mob voice with hand gesture* to pull this one off! It’s a piece from her Rebirth ‘L’or’ gold-themed collection, inspired by ‘the golden woman’ and to quote the designer herself “the golden woman is Toni Tones” *big grin* err Ok …. well… maybe her actual words were ” sexy, bold and elegant”…. BUT!!! it was totally obvious she meant to say ‘Toni Tones’ it was in her tone, you could tell…. you could just…. tell! *awkward silence*….. Err moving on swiftly…..It’s called the Dee Dress in dedication to her friend …. Well her friend ‘Dee’ obviously! She dedicated each of her pieces to her closest friends, how cool is that??? I for one, am currently re-evaluating my friendships… I mean, there’s got to be a particular reason why nothing’s ever been dedicated to me! Perhaps I just need to move some friends around …. you know …. as see what happens, cause obviously, they’re not working out too well are they?
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Toju Foyeh is very quickly becoming one of my Nigerian favs, I’ve loved every single one of her pieces that I’ve seen ….. she just…. gets me…. *sigh*
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If anyone caught Tiwa Savage at the MAMA’s and SMVA’s, you’d have seen her looking uber fab in her Toju Foyeh pieces, she caught my eye, that’s for sure. While we’re on it …. I lurvvve Tiwa Savage. ‘Kele kele love’ is my everyday shower song, yes! I sing and dance in the shower *hangs head in shame*. She’s on the cover of WoW magazine’s latest issue, in another Toju Foyeh piece. I put the pic up in my previous post actually, check on it.
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If you’re interested in becoming a ‘Toni Tones *coughs* I mean a ‘golden woman” aka getting all fancied up in Toju Foyeh one of a kind pieces, follow her on twitter: @tojufoyeh
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Her pieces are also sold on and will be ‘ready to buy’ in boutiques soon (can’t wait *drool*)
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It’s 7am in the morning??? Where the heck did all the time go??? *extremely puzzled* I haven’t slept and yet somehow, I’ve got to get to my friend, Terence’s event at 4pm or risk being beheaded. If I stand a chance of making it, I have to go to bed, …oh, sayyyy…4 hours ago! and I choose life people so I’m gotta bounce. catch you in a little bit and remember everyone,
Deuces, Toni Tones X
Dress – Toju Foyeh
Shoes – Kurt Geiger
Make up – Seun Omisesan
Hair – Ola
Photos – Obi Somto
Photos edited by Toni Tones
ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE??? : I’ve got my voting card and my queuing shoes ready, Whose with me???
P:s – Friends!!! yes, you know yourselves, this is a public service announcement letting you know, that If I dont get a dedication pretty soon, you will all be traded in for newer, more advanced, ‘love to dedicate stuff to me’ models. That is all.

5 Responses to “Support Nigerian Fashion. The Toju Foyeh Edition”

  1. Nice Anon January 21, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    Oh wow! look who it is . My eyes!

  2. chika7star January 24, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Really outstanding, Beautiful!

  3. wale oyerinde January 26, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    love love love…..OMG Toni..never knew u got so much boodie…hehehe….u look stunning in front of the camera…i was right 😉

  4. Abisola January 28, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    Outstanding work, loves it much 😉

  5. **OnYxStA** February 1, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

    YAY! You're back….and with a hell of a bang too! LOVE the dress! Actually met Teju Foyeh informally in my Uni library once and she's SO down to earth it was hard placing her with the phenomenal work she produces….big fan x

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