AMFW: Day 3

29 Mar

Hey guys,

I’ve started a new project that doesn’t leave me time for much else so you’ll have to forgive the sporadic blogging, just like you’ll have to forgive the low quality pictures, they were shot in the dark with no flash and I’ve tried to brighten them up a bit , but here they are anywhere, what I wore  to AMFW day 3.

Dress: Viv La resistance



Toni Tones x

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AMFW; Day 2

21 Mar

Hey guys,

Here’s what I wore to AMFW day  2.  Viv la resistance, yup! again. 🙂

I’m inlove with these velvet structured pants, knew I had to have em’ the moment I laid eyes on them,

paired them with my viv la resistance lace, structured shouldered top

and animal print shoes.

However I did swap over to my multi coloured  sandals when I was working,as I was shooting the event and finally got press pass on the morning of day two.

P:S  A huge thanks to my boyfriend for being my official photographer during AMFW, I kept dragging him outside making him take pictures of me for the blog LoL.  Thank you baby !!!

I have to get back to work now, major deadlines, but i will update this post with backstage images later on tonight, so check back in for those.

Lace top: Viv la resistance:

Structured pants: Viv la resistance

What I wore: Arise Magazine Fashion week (AMFW); Day 1

16 Mar

Hey guys,

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about ‘Arise Magazine Fashion Week’,  that took place in Lagos, Nigeria over the past weekend. The show was pretty amazing, it was quite easily one of the best fashion shows ever held in Nigeria.

Yes there were a few glitches here and there, like shows starting hours late, or my personal favourite, on day 1, which was the press accreditation day, they made us all  report at 10 am to get our press passes and made us wait around till 4pm, before they casually came out and told us to come back the next morning. After waiting around for 6 hours? really? no apology, nothing. Everyone there for a press pass was pretty ticked off, but hey what were we gonna do? We did get them the next morning though but still, *side eye* Every other event  planned for that day was pretty much cancelled, designer’s dinner, performance, all cancelled. Not a great start at all.

day 2 was much better, The show started for real, for real, although 4 hours late, so another major *side eye* moment but when its started, it was pretty cool. I was shooting the event so was pretty exhausted by mid day.

For day one, I wore this cat suit by Viv la resistance and paired it with blue pumps and a tote.

Check in a few days for day 2, where I’ll have exclusive backstage images from the show.


Playsuit: Viv la Resistance

Shoes: Michael Kors

Bag: Gucci




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3 Mar

Hey guys,

Today I’m wearing Re’bahia, an upcoming designer that’s new on the Nigerian fashion scene. This piece was designed for the Fab magazine party in collaboration with vlisco fabrics last year, and I’m totally inlove with it. Might be a bit cliche for some but I love how it screams ‘African’. Her line aims to create a fusion between western and africn fabrics.



The Rebahia style is one of simplicity and is all about the fabric. According to the designer, The Rebahia woman is the personification of modernity, sensuality  and simplicity as these are the inspirations for her collection. She’s got two thumbs up from me.


That said, I’m eagerly anticipating Arise Magazine fashion week which is coming up in a week. I’m beyond excited that it’s in Lagos this year. Also excited that all the designers that have participated in the ‘Support NIgerian Fashion’ campaign will be showing at AMFW. Toju Foyeh, Viv La Resistance, Kem Kem studios and Re’bahia . Yup! all four of them. Bridget Awosika, the designer who made my the ‘future awards’ dress was also selected. I can’t stress how major that is, not just anyone was picked and it ‘s a huge honour for any designer to be chosen, So I’m extremely proud of my babies 🙂 I will be there with bells and whistles to support them.

I’m also wearing my Kem Kem studio bangles, the coloured ones are hand painted . Yes, she’s a painter as well as a designer, and she brings both talents together most times to develop one of a kind pieces like these bracelets, she also hand paints some of her wardrobe pieces as well. *sigh* extremely talented she is.

Well, that’s it from me folks, its 2:50 am and I gotta get some shut eye.


There is no reason not to, too much talent in the land. I LOVE IT.

for more from Rebahia go to

and for kem kem studio :



Toni Tones


Dress: Re’Bahia

Bangles: Kem Kem studio


Photography: Obi Somto

Photos edited by: Toni Tones

Make up: Seun omisesan

Hair: Ola

What I wore to the future awards

22 Feb

Hey guys,

A quick one to show y’all what I wore to the FUTURE AWARDS. Wore this silk Bridget awosika piece  with the extravagant shoulder detail and statement necklace, loved it. It can not be denied that Bridget Awosika is a box of talent, coincidentally, she won designer of the year at the future awards, the same day she officially released her collection, how amazing is that.  for more from BA go to I’m out.


Toni Tones

Dress by: Bridget Awosika

Kem Kem Studio

16 Feb

Hey everyone,

How goes it?  I know this post is late but I’ve been super busy would be a gross understatement. multiply that by about 5o and that might work.

The most upsetting thing happened, my email address got disabled by google and along with it my blog and I haven’t been able to retrieve it, so my old blog is gone (blogspot),  this is a BRAND NEW ONE, my new address is now WWW.TONITONESNG.WORDPRESS.COM if you wondered why it looked different. Along with it went all my followers, so if you were following the blog previously, please re-follow and I apologise for the inconvenience.The only reason I still have all my images and comments was because I had my old blog files exported and saved so I was able to import the files into this blog, so I thank God for that or it would literally be like my blog never existed but I guess worse things have happened to people so I’m not dwelling on it, life is too short to stay angry at the little things.

But here it is, the 3rd series from the ‘Support Nigerian Fashion’ campaign and in the spotlight is Kem Kem studios. To say I adore this chiffon tye dye flapper dress would be another understatement (seems I’m full of em’ today) I absolutely love it. my fav thing about it, as it is most Kem Kem pieces, is they can either be dressed up or down. It’s the perfect line for day to night pieces. if I swapped my wedges in for some super sexy heels and ditched the turban,  mixed it up with a dressy clutch?  Voila!!! I’d be ready to hit  the town. Kem Kem studios has fast become one of my favourite designers, her attention to details always leaves me in complete awe.

In the designers words, the Kem Kem studio woman has a personal relationship with her clothes, they showcase her different moods. (*waves* hi, me).

She is very fun and playful, very eccentric and proud of her heritage (remind you of anyone? 🙂  *coughs* ehem. hint: SUPPORT NIGERIAN FASHION!!!)

She is looking for clothes that are about comfort (*waves enthusiastically* I’m all about my comfort people… ALL ABOUT IT) yet not lacking in creativity or style.

I strongly recommend everyone look up KKS, I’ve honestly not seen any other nigerian designer offer the kind of variety she does with her designs, there’s something for everyone. Her Clientel ranges from Asa to Joke Silver, see how diverse that age range is??? LOOK HER UP!  you can find her at  WWW.KEMKEMSTUDIO.COM

Well, duty calls so I have to bounce. On a side note, I really am sick of internet in Nigeria, something needs to be done. What exactly is the problem Nigeria??? why can’t we have internet that runs at a descent speed? Guess it must be the same thing that stops us from having constant electricity and clean water but don’t get me started on all of that, or we’ll be here for a minute. Hope you enjoyed this post. have a great week people.


Toni Tones x


Dress: Kem Kem studio

Wedges: Vintage Kem Kem Studio

Bag: Vintage (I got it from my mum, she’s had it for over 30 years, how amazing is that?)



Phototgraphy: Obi Somto

Photos Edited by: Toni Tones

Make up: Seun Omisesan

Hair: Ola

Viv la Resistance….. Long live the resistance

3 Feb
Hey guys,
What up? Did you miss me? I’ve been so stressed out from work, it’s ridiculous, I need about 3 more me’s for work. No kidding! The only upside is, all the stress has me losing weight like I was promia…It’s ok for now but let’s hope I dont loose too much weight, still gotta have some junk in ma trunk 😉
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Today I’m in a mesh Lace jumpsuit
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
by fresh new Nigerian designer on the scene, Viv La Resistance
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
By far one of my fav Nigerian brands. They’re responsible for 4o percent of my wardobe, I must say VLR roped me into Nigerian fashion, I’m a convert thanks to them 🙂
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I was I absolutely adore this piece, talk about understated elegance. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it.  In the words of the designer herself, Mo Alatise,
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
“The VLR woman is fashion forward, confident fun and always has a bit of an edge”
I like to think that’s me all day everyday. VLR is definitely one to watch.
Have you bought a Nigerian fashion item today? have you registered to vote?
Jump suit: Viv La Resistance
Floral clutch: bakers
Leopard skin belt: Random store
Photography by : Obi Somto
Photo Edit: Toni Tones
Make up: Seun Omisesan
Hair: Ola